mercredi 22 mars 2017

Owl Crate - March 2017

What is it? Owl Crate
What's in it? This box contains a Young Adult novel, 3 to 5 bookish items and a note from the author.
How much? $29.99

This month theme is ''Pirates''. I love them and I loved Pirates of the Caribbeans. Fun fact: my friends and me we acted like pirates when we were teenagers because we tought they were ''cool''.  I was really excited to receive this box because I love reading (duh!) and I love discovering books that I didn't knew excited or books that I would'nt have bought.

 Simply Gilded - Washi Tape - around 6.18$

I love washis tapes because I can decorate the envelope  that I send to my penpals. This tape is really pretty with his mermaid scales. I noted the name of the shop and I will certainly buy from them when I'll need more tape.

The Geeky Cauldron - Compas Necklace - Price Unknow

This pretty necklace is the product of a collaboration between OwlCrate and The Geeky Cauldron. It is an exclusivity for the OwlCrate. I'm wearing it while writing those lines et I love it very much. The color of the chain gives it a vintage look, wich is giving it a lot of charm. I also like the thematic of this shop that are making accessories for geeks and those who have fandoms.

BoyGirlParty - Notepad - 8$

 This notepad is really cute! There were two kinds of notepads that the subscribers could received and they are both exclusives. I went to the BoyGirlParty e-shop and I fell in love with everything they have. Everythinh is pretty and I had to stop myself from buying everything. I will certainly buy some stuff from them soon.

Kitch Studios - Tea Towel - 15.11$

 Yes! I needed a pretty tea towel to dry my hand in my kitchen. This towel is very large and usefull. It wasn't an exclusive item so you can go and buy it on the etsy shop of Kitch Studios.

Tricia Levenseller - Daughter of  the Pirate King - Hardcore $23.18

I read the first chapter of this novel and I can't wait to read the rest. This book is suppose to contain romance and adventure. Another good point, the main character is an independant and strong young woman. 

 The book came with a note from the author, an autographed card and a temporary tattoo.
I loved this box and I will stay subscribe for a long time. Can't wait to receive my next box.  I highly recommend it for those who like Young Adult novels.

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