mercredi 22 mars 2017

Ipsy - March 2017

What is it? Ipsy
What's in it? This box is for those who love cosmetics. Usually there's 5 products that goes to cream, make up and brushes.
How much? 10$

Ipsy is a monthly box in wich you receive cosmetics. I say box, but it's more like a cosmetic bag than a box.  The products are selected by the questions you answer before receiving your box. They ask you about your hair color, what brand you like, wich products you prefer to use, etc. The products can be from brand that people don't really know are from well known brand like Urban Decay or Tarte.

The theme of this month was ''Très Jolie'', well we can say that about the pouch. It's really pretty and came with a card complimenting us. The pouch is big and I will certainly use it at school for my pencils. 

Tarte - Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint - Original size for 24$

 First, I LOVE this color and I also like this brand. I like nude lipsticks, also the product stay on the lips without transfert. This product is vegan and without parabens.

 Ladykin - Affinitic Snail Cream 5mL - 22$ for 100mL

According to the Ipsy website, this product is suppose to regenerate the skin, to boost the elasticity and to leave a soft, hydrated skin. This product is made of 80% snail secretion and is used as an hydratation cream after the application of a serum. I'm excited to try this product because I heard a lot of good things about snail secretion.

 Cake - Desserted Island Supreme Body Mousse 30mL - 55$ for 32oz

I really like the scent of this product, wich reminds me of carots cakes. In fact, this product contains coconut oil and mango butter, those ingredients are suppose to help the driests skins. I kinda like this product but I will not buy another one when I'll finish this one.

So Susan - Blush & Glow 22.95$ - Full size

I received a full size of this parabens free, vegan and hypoallergenic blush. I liked the color of the product in his package, but I wasn't able to see a difference when it was on my cheeks. I will not buy this product, but I'm open to try more products from So Susan.

Skone Cosmetics - Luxe Pro Blending Brush - 18$

This brush work so well on the lids and it's made without animal cruelty. I was happy to receive this product et I will keep the name of the company in mind.

In short, I really like what I received this month, especially the liquid lipstick. I disliked the blush, it wasn't pigmented enough for me, but it gives a pretty luminosity to the skin. I will stay signed up to this box and I can't wait to see what next month will brings me.

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